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Whatsapp Promotional

You can send WhatsApp broadcasts to acquire more customers at a lower price than most other channels because of the higher engagement & conversion rates

Create Marketing Campaigns that Convert

  • Shoot elevations, offers, and back- by- stock cautions while esteeming client warrants
  • Set up juggernauts, shoot abandonment announcements, appointment cautions andre-buy
  • monuments Detector order and booking documentations, subscription monuments, delivery updates and further

WhatsApp solutions can help grow your business

Leverage social commerce to sell your products directly on WhatsApp

You might have received text message alerts from retail store companies just after you purchased something. So, shipping details and purchase.

Use WhatsApp message templates to share payment confirmations, order status & more

Once you receive a product which you had ordered online, you get an alert on your phone in the form of SMS.

Broadcast notifications to your customers & automate post-purchase queries

In this case, 55 percent of the customers are okay with receiving transactional SMSes. Flight status, delay SMS, hotel check-in SMS are such examples.

Drive WhatsApp marketing campaigns with interactive buttons

Alerts related to automotive maintenance is one such form you can consider. 44 percent of mobile users prefer receiving transactional SMS in this case.

Sell More with your WhatsApp Store

  •  Show applicable   products from your   roster with WhatsApp   product dispatches   through commerce API
  • Shoot interactive multi and single- product dispatches to present products from your force
  • Allow adding products to the shopping wain without risking obsolete information similar as price and vacuity

Deliver on moments of truth with 1:1 Customer Support

  1. Complement Client care with smart Whatsapp chatbots that can handle bulk of the routine queries
  2. Reduce response time and functional costs with mimetic responses and tone- serve flows
  3. Gracefully handover to live agents for complex queries or irate guests