Alert Notification SMS

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Alert Notification SMS

With SMS text alerts organizations can easily reach employees with important corporate communications.

Receive the message. With DeskAlerts you can send SMS alerts that will be delivered on your employees’ phones as a traditional mobile text alert.

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Send Automated Birthday Greetings

There had been various occassions when you would have thought to send birthday greetings to your customers and contacts, but it would not have been possible to do so because of certain other engagements that you would have.


Whether your workers use iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry phones, or old analog phones, SMS announcements will work – this is particularly useful if you’re using DeskAlerts as an exigency SMS alert system.


Determine who has seen your dispatches and when they saw them – you can indeed find out what bias have displayed them.

    Why Use SMS For Alerts And Notifications?

    An alert or notification message can be sent to an enormous number of handsets in a matter of seconds.

    SMS is the native messaging program of all mobile handsets; be confident that your SMS notifications will reach all handsets from an old brick to the latest smartphone.